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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did WFMY News 2 redesign their website?

The WFMY News 2website was redesigned in order to better provide our users with the information they want in a format that is natural and intuitive. The new website experience features a more user-friendly way to browse the news in an uncluttered environment. Additionally, the site features much more video. Our redesigned website further confirms our commitment to providing relevant information to our readers in a highly visual format.

Which browsers are most compatible with the website?

For the best experience, we recommend running the latest version of the following:

Google Chrome



Microsoft Internet Explorer

Why are some sections on the previous website not visible on the new version?

We have moved some sections around in our new design of the website to better align the structure. If you still have difficulty finding a section or topic, then you can use our search to find it or view our site map to view the new organization of the website. The site map can be found in the bottom right corner of the page, labeled Site Index.

How do I find the Search Box?

The search box can be seen when you click on the magnifying glass near the upper right corner of the page.

How can I get WFMY News 2 on my tablet or mobile device?

Our website can be accessed on any device that has access to a web browser. We also offer our news content on a variety of mobile and tablet apps.

How do I send a news tip?

Many of the stories we do come from our viewers. To send a news tip to us, contact us by e-mail, phone or fax:

WFMY News 2
News Assignment Desk
Phone: 336-379-9369
FAX: 336-230-0971

How do I post a comment?

In order to comment on an article, you must have a Facebook login. On every article, there is a comment link near the top of the page and also, the comment button on the blue utility bar at the bottom of the browser/page. You will need to be logged into Facebook to comment on a WFMY News 2 article. You can either login separately on Facebook or you have the ability to login near the commenting area on the article.

I'm interested in information I saw in a commercial on WFMY News 2. How can I get that information?

You can call the station at 379-9369 or e-mail us from our contacts page. We will need to know the name of the product advertised, the time you saw the ad, the day you saw the ad and what program you saw the ad in. In most cases, once we receive the information, we will need time to look for the information and call you back.

How can I contact CBS network to make a complaint or give a compliment?

You can e-mail CBS at or phone them 1-212-975-3247. You can also send mail to:

524 West 57 Street
New York, NY 10019

How can I get a copy of something I've seen on CBS news?

Go to At the bottom of the home page click on "CBS Store" or call 1-800-CBS-7999.

How do I purchase a tape of a news story I saw on a WFMY News 2 newscast?

We do not make videotapes available of our newscast due to the demand and number of requests we receive. There is a company called "Video Taping Services" that will make a vhs tape of a story for a fee. You will need to tell them when it was aired (time and date) as well as what the story is about. Their phone number is 1-800-849-5547 or 1-888-882-5477 (888-TV-CLIPS)

Why is it that you sometimes only show one game?

Only one network at a time is allowed to have a double header. CBS and the FOX networks trade off double-header Sundays. When CBS has a double header NFL Game Day, FOX will have an NFL single header day and vice-versa.

Why is it every time I start watching a new show that I like, it gets cancelled?

The failure rate for new television shows is 91%. Chances are the next new television show you like, will get cancelled either during the first season or at the end of the first season. If the show is not making the return on investment needed, the show will be cancelled by the network or the producers will stop production on the show if they feel the potential to turn a profit isn't there. To produce a second season without the income needed could drive companies into bankruptcy. There are many shows, which do not make a profit through out the network run of the show. Many programs will not make a profit until years later, after the program is in syndication (Sold to cable stations, individual television markets and for overseas broadcast). This usually takes place once it is no longer on the network and the episodes have all been aired on the network at least twice.

Can you tell me what NFL games you will air this season?

We receive notification of our regional NFL game assignments a week and a half prior to air. The games we are assigned from CBS and the NFL have been decided based or research and past viewing habits in this area. WFMY News 2 can request a game change, but if research shows the assigned game should do better, the request will be denied.

How do you decide which NFL games to air?

These games are decided by CBS following instructions from the NFL. Many times CBS is covering 4-6 games at one time from all around the country. First CBS looks to see if any of the games they are covering relates to a certain region. This is decided on the proximity of the teams that are playing and past viewing habits of the market the television station is in.

Why don't you show the "Best" game? Why don't you show the game of the week?

The NFL wants the games regionalized. Most viewers want to see teams they are familiar with which is not always the "best" game. Even if their favorite team is having a bad season, viewers will still tune in to watch their favorite teams lose. CBS and WFMY News 2 want the largest number of viewers for each game broadcast. If regionalizing the games did not produce the higher ratings than just running the "best game", they would only air and produce the best game for that weekend.

Why is it that you sometimes only show one NFL game?

Only one network at a time is allowed to have a double header Sunday. CBS and the FOX networks trade off double-header Sundays. When CBS has a double header NFL Game Day, FOX will have an NFL single header day and vice-versa.

Why would a game in Charlotte be blacked out in Greensboro?

Even though The Panther's home is in Charlotte, Greensboro, being less that 100 miles away, falls inside the blackout area should the game not sell out. The blackout rule is a requirement from the NFL and we have no choice in this matter.

Why do you run school closings at the bottom of the screen through CBS news programming?

There is a requirement from the FCC that school closings and delays be displayed as emergency information. We provide other closing information for large institutions and larger daycares is provided as a public service to the community.

Why do you show color episodes of "The Andy Griffith Show"?

The only way to purchase "The Andy Griffith Show" is to buy all 249 episodes of which only 159 are in black and white, 90 are in color. With that purchase the station receives a specified number of runs for each program in the library equally. If we just ran black and white programs, we would run out of episodes to air before the agreement concluded. Don't be surprised, many viewers watch the color episodes even though the favorites are the black and white ones.

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